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Grand-ducal regulation of 20 January 1972 setting the scale of the maximum commissions that can be invoiced by real estate agents

Art. 1st.

The intermediary commission for the sale of buildings is set at 3% of the realized sale price plus applicable VAT.
The commission is due by the seller and is payable on the day of the notarial deed.

Art. 2.

The commission for private and commercial rentals is set at one month's rent plus applicable VAT. This commission is either payable by the tenant.

Art. 3.

The fees for real estate appraisals are:
250 € excl. VAT for an apartment/studio
300 €  excluding VAT for an apartment
350 € excl. VAT for a house
From €500 excl. VAT for apartment buildings

Art. 4.

The fees for real estate advice amount to 100 € excluding VAT / hour.

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