” At what price can I sell my property?”

Free estimation – if sales warrant

The question is essential and marks the beginning of your real estate sales project.
The Real Estate estimation is the key of a quick sale. The success is linked to a fair estimation, well placed on the local real estate market. Only a professional can give you this guarantee.
In fact, the estimation of a professional markler is based on objective elements without taking care of the emotional aspect, which leads many owners to overestimate the value of their property.
On a market as specific as the real estate market, a lot of  attributes have to be considered: the situation, the area but also the internal and external benefits, the used materials, the energy expenditure of the houshold, the noice, etc  to establish the best price for your property.
Do not hesitate to contact us to receive the fair price of your property.
We make written, detailed and carefully crafted estimations, which are presentable to the notary, the bank and the lawyer if necessary.
Fees for a written estimate without a sales warrant:
Estimation WITH sales warrant = COST – FREE
Estimation WITHOUT sales warrant: from 250€ WTax
Important Note:
If you would like to have a simple estimate to put your property on sale by yourself. We propose you to prepare a careful and written estimate and in case you decide to return to us to sign a sales warrant, we will give you a credit rating of the estimation.